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Gathering Site Information

Information should be the bulk of your site. You want to get a feel of what type of information you want to have on your web site before actually designing it. For example, what text do you want to use? What pictures do you want to use? Additionally, this would be a good time to brainstorm how you want to implement navigation in the site. Navigation determines how your information is organized. There are two basic paths you can take in terms of navigation: user choice and linear. User choice lets your audience choose what part of the site they want to visit. This is usually accomplished by using a menu. A good example would be . A linear navigation prevents your audience from deciding where they want to go. It forces them to visit the pages you want them to visit in the order you want them to visit them in.

To think of other information you may need to gather, ask yourself..."What questions do my customers most frequently ask me?" This is the type of information that will be of interest to your viewers and should be on your web site.