An Instructional Approach for Instructors:

In order to get the students engaged in instruction activities, Instructors are incurraged to use a student-centered approach. Using this approach, the student is responsible for his or her own learning. The instructor will disseminate instruction necessary to promote this environment and coach/mentor the student. The student will be encouraged to think, develop questions, colaborate with other students, research on their own to discover answers and gain understanding of their shortcomings.

In this instructional environment, the instructor is responsible for:

  • Identifying only necessary instruction the may help in delivering an advance deliverable.
  • Identifying and address the team weak areas and problem points and provide and environment were the students can drill and practice amongst themselves and ask for guidance.
  • Identifying a strategy for developing a complete project.
  • Promoting and environment where students will
    o Articulate,
    o Volunteer answer,
    o Collaborate with peers and team members,
    o Use competition terminology,
    o Assist peers, and
    o Lead instruction.

The class format for instruction should be as follows:

  • Gaining the attention of students by presenting an interesting into is key.
  • Follow a well layout lesson plan of learning objectives.
  • Chunk the class session into small-related parts that can be practiced by students.
  • One to two in class projects should be given to practice the newly learned prior instruction. They should be small and based on prior learning and current instruction. This method should be used to retain the student’s attention.
  • Question and answer should be promoted through out to promote interaction, articulation, and critical thinking. The student must understand what they do and do not know about a problem
  • Collaboration amongst studentd in a finding solution should be encouraged to promote teamwork.
  • Guide the students in what they should may want to consider thinking about.

Languages Identified for Instruction:

Below are lists of languages that will be useful in producing a deliverable for the project.

HTML – This topic should be reviewed to ensure that the team has the ability to apply the appropriate tags to lay out their site with minimum effort. At following tags that are minimum requirement include:
· <html> </html>
· <head> </head>
· <title> < /title>
· <Body> </body>
· <table> </table>
· <tr> </tr>
· <td> <td>

CSS – This should be a minimum as well. Prior to the competition, the team should identify the different types of fonts for the pages. Instruction should be centered on using CSS to style the website using the selector, property and value. They should understand the format below:
selector {property: value} Example: body {color:black}

The instruction below is a minimum requirement for defining a style guide for use.
< style>
.thead {
background-color: #008080;
font-family: 'Verdana','Arial','Helvetica',sans-serif;
font-size: x-small;
color: white;
< /style>

ADO Identify the minimum instruction involved in connecting, initializing, and opening a database and defining record sets. Mapping the data too and from the database and text area on the forms.

Set Cnxn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
strCnxn = "Provider='sqloledb';Data Source=" & _
Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAME") & ";" & _
"Integrated Security='SSPI';Initial Catalog='Northwind';"

Cnxn.Open strCnxn

SQL Identify and teach SQL instruction. This instruction may include: selecting, deleting, modifying, updating, and adding data to the database. This instruction should also included error handling techniques.

JavaScript Identify field validation technique and other necessary uses of the language. Then student should be familiar with the following statements:
· Setting up a script tag
· Defining variables and arrays
· Using a conditional statement
· Using loops
· Calling subroutines and functions

ASP Students should understand what ASP purpose is and the difference between ASP and an html page. Where asp is executed from and how is executed


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