The initial training session this year will begin by providing students with a well outline plan for the first half of the training session. This session will include:

  • Quiz bowl relating material from Schaum’s book, and material from prior class sessions (30-45 min)
  • Team building exercises to promote collaboration, cooperation, and team work.
  • Student will be encurraged to articulate at all times to improve on communications, presentation skills.
  • Perform task, such as building a flowchart and models of daily task that they perform to begin the scaffolding process.
  • Plan their week and day
  • Introduction to web based applications

The students will be responsible for understand all knowledge areas given in the overview on what a complete web-based application is and what occurs during each phase of the application. From a broad perspective, each student will understand each component and its role in building a web-based application. They will be asked to provide a model of how to approach building such a web site.


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