<html>   Begin html

  <head>       Begin head section
     <style type="text/css">
       p {font-family: "sans serif"}

  </head>       End head section

 </html>   End html


Embedded Style Sheets

An embedded style sheet is one that includes the Cascading styles sheet in the head section of an html document.

To the right is an example of the syntax for inserting the required style element . Notice that a style element is created in the HTML head section using style tags <style></style>.

The beginning style tag is used with the type attribute and its' value "text/css". The next line is a css statement that is followed by the ending style tag.

I will discuss the "p" selector and its' property values later.

Tryit: Using an existing html document, Insert the style example above into the html document to see the font change for all paragraphes in the document.





CSS & HTML    -    LESSON 2