Preparing to Use CSS

Before getting started, you should:

  • know the basics in building a web page using HTML,
  • Understand the purpose of the head section in an HTML document,
  • Understand the purpose of the body section in an HTML document,
  • Know how to construct an HTML element.

Prior to using css, you should create a style guide for your site. This guide can be referred to when defining your site style. It's a good practice to decide on what look your site will take on prior to building it. (.e.g. all heading for the site are read, Indent all paragraphs by 3em).

Getting Started

To get started, decide whether you will use css internal or external to the HTML document. Based on your decision, embed CSS commands within an HTML document or create an external style guide.

The best practice is to create an external style guide and include it into your HTML document. The only time you may want to embed CSS is when you may have a special case and want to override the attributes of an element.





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