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Learn to develop web based applications using these interactive online lessons. These lessons are designed for novice and junior level web developers and will address basic to moderate web page development topics.
Starting with the static html lesson, the learner will gain an understanding of how to organize, design, and develop a site from beginning to end. Beginners Start here to learn the basics Learn how to style your web page. Learn how to enteract with the user. Interact with the database.

Course Description:

This is a web development course that consists of 5 lessons that are designed to meet the needs of students interested in designing and developing interactive (dynamic) web sites. The course will use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP/ADO and SQL to create web applications that will display well-formatted web pages, accept, and deliver real time information for the users that come to the site.


Students and adults that have a general knowledge of the computer, use the internet, and are interested in creating sites like the ones they use.

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